A Live Review of the Dead Astronaut Deck by YouTuber Ken Park

A Live Review of the Dead Astronaut Deck by YouTuber Ken Park

Meet Ken Park, an avid skateboarder and longtime supporter of Lore Skate Decks'  products and mission. In this video, he dedicates more than a month of his life to skating our very own Dead Astronaut deck down to it's very bones. Filmed between the dates of January 4, 2019 and March 5, 2019, Ken cruised the Luxembourg countryside to, what may have been, every single skatepark. I mean, he went everywhere, including, Dommeldange Skatepark, Hollerich Skatepark, Hesperange Skatepark, Canach Skatepark, Sandweiler Skatepark, and Strassen Skatepark. There was no shortage of terrain or obstacles to convince him or this board to quit. Take a look at Ken's rigorous test and see what he found. It may just surprise you.


Heyyyyyyy New video here :) Are Lore Skate Decks Deck worth it ? Filmed the : 01/04/19 - 03/05/19 Filmed in : Dommeldange Skatepark // hollerich skatepark // hesperange skatepark // canach skatepark // sandweiler skatepark // strassen skatepark

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